You know that saying “you can’t go home again?” Well that may be true in some ways, but I’m here to prove you can get pretty damn close!

Ya’ll might remember that many moons ago I packed my twin bed and tap shoes in a U-Haul and headed on up to New York City to get a job on The Broad-way.





Two kids, a husband, a dog, 4 crappy apartments, many waitressing shifts, and countless cocktails later, I have returned home to beautiful North Carolina. I’m older, wiser, and judgier than ever and I plan to continue helping my friends survive the trials of life with wit and wine. I love to give advice and I will be sharing some of the questions I get from readers on the blog, as well as any other things I think people really should want to know. Don’t worry, it won’t all be about my kids. I like to talk about myself too much for that. Since I have very limited domestic skills I will not profess to be an expert in the kitchen but I may occasionally post a recipe. Recipes will never be fancy or healthy, only easy or delicious…mostly Fat Girl Snacks.

McGrath (FQ) - IMG_8020





Now you know my husband is a Yankee, so I basically had to drag him kicking, screaming and clawing at the ground, but I managed to do it just after the birth of our son made our 700 square-foot apartment a bit too small.  I muscled him and our 2 Tater Tots on down to North Carolina with the promise of beaches and boats and endless rounds of golf. (As it turns out, landing 250 miles from the ocean has somewhat hindered the acquisition of the first 2 and the golf thing, well that was just a lie to begin with.)


My Tater Tots….


photo (3)-003



                                                                                                         Amazing Grace

Age 7 going on 17

Likes: Lip Gloss, Jewelry, Acting Fancy (the apple didn’t fall far)

Dislikes: Cleaning her room, Not being the boss of playdates, Using a fork (we still have some work to do)



photo (4)






Knucklehead Patrick

Age 4 (and may never see 5 if he keeps it up)

Likes: Firetrucks, Construction sites, Jumping off things (regardless of where he might land)

Dislikes: Baths, Bedtimes, Sharing toys (even if they belong to someone else)






Oh, and I don’t want you to worry about all the NY sports attire you will see them wearing (sent by Sweetpotato’s well-meaning relatives). Please know that I am making every effort to turn them into Carolina Kids



  1. blake salle

    ok – i just got introduced to you….you are a genius! loved the post on advice for drinking wine in front of kids. My neighbor – a 48 year old male – loves wine (we like him), but he wears super tight rowing pants in front of our kids (thinking biking pants with a strange diaper like insert in the back). they are awkward and reveal a very small set of beans uniquely positioned under an equally sized frank. Is this appropriate for children to see on a sunday??

  2. Katharine Lawther

    Welcome back to NC! I moved to the west coast and lived there for almost 10 years and have been happily Southern again since 2002! I missed Cheerwine, Lexington bbq & pimento cheese. And true Southerners always drink in front of the kids! (Except for Baptists)

    • And don’t forget the Sweet Tea (though now that I’ve been gone, I find it so sweet I’m on the half-n-half….check out my blog on the Sip-n-See for pimento cheese 😉

  3. Shellie DeGrove

    I think you’re brilliant, and I can’t wait to read more!

  4. LoMo

    You, my friend, are hilarious!!! Can’t wait to read more!

  5. Anne Graham

    I am excited to see your blogs! We ‘think’ the same way!

  6. Allison

    Just discovered you and I’m truly enjoying your outlook on life. I, too, am a recent transplant to Charlotte; which makes reading your stuff even better.

  7. Eileen

    Just wanted you to know that my friend sent me an article that you wrote about people on Facebook today. I didn’t know whether to pee in my pants or want to get a plane ticket and take you to dinner. I was having such a crappy day but your article really made me see the light. Thank you for your honesty but most of all just being you!!!

    • Thanks Eileen, you’ve made my day!!
      Oh, and I’ll take a free dinner any time, but just make sure you budget for my cocktails;-)

  8. Monica. Shaw

    Dear queen i.e., just happened to find your blog from a Facebook link. Love your great advice, wittiness and total honesty about life in general. I look forward to reading & following more

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